Summer Tuesdays

Catering Rota 2008


Heartfelt thanks are due to the following people who have volunteered for catering duties this year. If you are willing to organise a team for one of the other weeks please email us with the names of your team and we'll add you to the list. Alternatively please complete the form on the stage at Pont Street. Many thanks.

Date Caterers
June 10th Caroline Hamilton, Mike Johnson, Lindsey Rousseau
June 17th

Peter, Wendy, Rosalind Zuridis, Ian MacGillivray

June 24th Rachel Wilton, Thelma, Jane
July 1st Stephen Webb, Nick Galvin, Jan Alsop
July 8th Rae Walker, Paul Coghill, Val Sanders, Derek
July 15th Caroline Allcock, Angela Moriety, Nicholas Demetrious, Daniel Capron
July 22nd Maureen Campbell, George Potts, Lena
July 29th Iris Ronayne, Kevin Kearns, Roger Wilson
Aug 5th Stephen Jay, Alan, Kerry Beckett, Lindsay Jenkins, Valerie Twining
Aug 12th Robin Roads, Susan Gare, Anne Milligan, Ludka
Aug 19th Frances Barnes, Gill Austin, Gill Lumbus, Len Barnes
Aug 26th Penny Seddon, Mark, Joanna, Natalie
Sept 2nd Andy Wiener, Frances Campbell-Colquhoun, Jane Hansell, Roger Wilson
Sept 9th Michael B, Sin, Bryn, Hilary, Marion, Brian
Sept 16th Nino Harvey-Jones, Shelagh and Gavin Wilson

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